Monday, July 18, 2011

Stitchery witchery

I'm multitasking. I've learned a couple of new stitching styles for my beadwork, and I've got about 4 projects on the go. Not to mention trying to finish off projects half done and forgotten (or pushed aside for testing new waters).
It took me a while, but I finally got the odd count peyote done, so now, I'm playing with pattern designs. I have a LOT of little beads I want to use up in to unique forms, and the patterns are helping to with that.
Last evening I took time out to tidy up my bag 'o beads, and take stock of what I've got, and what I might need to look at getting before the Christmas rush. I've had a couple of people make requests for some various bracelet patterns, so I'm looking at the needs for those. Not to mention, the stitchwork projects I want to attempt myself.
My next "must do", howver, is a ring that I was playing with last year. My bestie wants one, so now I've got to try to find *just the right color* for her. :) Another stitching project! Woooo hoooo!!! =D

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