Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Monday

I had a lovely day yesterday for my birthday. So many good wishes on my face book page. Who said the 450+ friends I have are only good for gameplaying lol.

I'm enjoying a peaceful, quiet morning, but now it is "busy time". I have to get cracking on an odd count peyote stitch bracelet, for a little boy in my son's class. When I made my son's, the young lad took it, went home with it, and told his mom and dad he made it in class. I said I'd make him one, but that he was to not lie about things like that. It's not nice, and my poor son was crying for 2 hours over his lost bracelet.

Boys. >.<

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  1. Kids :( I`ve had similar experiences with kids when the girls were in grade school. Poor little guy will guard his new bracelet, that`s for sure.

    I`m glad you had a good birthday. Sorry we timed our visit for when you were sleeping.