Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wonders never cease

I'm trapped inside a shell,
Wanting out, I need to yell,
Darkness falls yet it's never light,
Is there any end in sight?

This was the feeling I've been experiencing as of late, but no more.  My husband is FINALLY on board with my life plan lol. So much so, that he has taken it upon himsself to discuss with me, at great length, his ideal......home.
A home is so much more than where you live. It's how you live, with the people you live with. Fort us, we have the "million dollar" boy, one girl, two operational vehicles and...oh wait, not our own home. I've been looking, and talking about this house, or that house, to be shot down at every turn. I'd given up hope.

Then I am told, much to my surprise, how much he liked the place we lived in when we were in Burlington. And now, sitting on his computer, is a draft of a plan based on that same format...only bigger. Plain, straight forward  *box* of a house, but.... I LIKE it. And we want to BUILD it. Our first ever, owned by us...home.  I can't wait.

 I trust him IMPLICITLY. I know, and feel in my heart of hearts, that we can do this. And at a lesser cost than buying something made by someone else, decorated by someone else. I know we can't do it all... finished basement, decorator colors..but I feel that, as long as the basics are present, and the kids rooms are done...all else will occur, as time.... and money... permits. Oh happy day!!! :)

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  1. Congratulations! I have complete faith that the two of you can make the dream happen. When the plans are done I want to see. Your place in the south was cozy and well laid out.