Sunday, March 27, 2011

The week is done

Wow. What a long week. I seem to be less and less able to handle the 12 hour days. 12 hour nights, not so bad.
Perhaps it's the shuffling that is going in a work ... the dilemma of where to place which staff in order to lessen the likelihood of job loss. Job loss. In nursing. Beyond comprehensible, but, there it is in a nut shell. And it's only just the beginning. We have become such a society of consumerism, that even medicine is an industry now. Gone are the days of bedside vigils by caring, compassionate nurses. Ring goes the buzzer, "what now" the response. I shudder thinking this is the attitude of the people who will care for me in my old age.
Ah, well, tomorrow is another day. I have actually got it in my mind to reorganize my beads and bits, and see what projects I can come up with. It's about that time :)

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