Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tired, so very tired.

So tired. Just winding down after working all night. Night shifts are hell on the body, hell on the family life. Right now, I would not trade it. I get to see my beautiful children more. 12 hour shifts are killer for a mother/child relationship. My babies (6 and 8) complain daily that they don't see me enough. My son, wants me to go to his school, and sit in on his class, to show me how well he is doing. He brought home artwork extolling how proud he is. It breaks my heart, that I cannot do this for him, just based on these night shifts, and how very tired I always seem to be. And my daughter, bless her heart, is always drawing pictures of her and I....shoe shopping (she is sooooooo like her mother! lol) reading, and hearts everywhere, and us holding hands. I'm not overtly religious, by any means, but I thank *someone* for bringing me these two precious people in to my life, when there was no hope for any. My eyes tear, every time I think that I was to never have these gifts.

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