Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour.....lets save energy, but why just one hour?

Everyone takes a stand for something they believe in. But why only an hour? Why not..a day...a week... an hour a day even? In this time of belt tightening and penny pinching, why do we resolve to "follow the leader" for an hour?

Don't misunderstand please. An hour is better than nothing at all. I sit here, candles lit, and the kids are playing on their Nintendo DSi's, while I blog. Hurray for batteries. And soon, all to soon, it will be bed time, whereby the lights further remain off.  Summer time is the time where energy is overused, what with fans circulating, air conditioners humming, and radios blaring from inside the house with speakers directed toward the back door. Yet, here we sit, in the start of spring, proclaiming "Earth Hour". Wouldn't we, as a society, be better to leave off the air conditioning units for a day, wrapping cool cloths around our heads and necks, and hit the local beaches? Pack those picnic baskets, grab the towels and blankets, and head down to the local swimming hole/pond/natural water fed something? No sprinklers please, that would involve another form of natural resource waste.
I'm not saying stop everything, but, can't we  be more conscientious, in each our own way, on how to conserve what little resources we have left?


  1. You are totally right, what are we thinking?
    thanks for following my blog and i'll be your new follower.

  2. We have become a society of energy hawgs!

    I see you've met Kim! I feel a coffee date coming on!